International German Genealogy Partnership
“Uniting German Genealogy Researchers Worldwide”
The International German Genealogy Partnership’s mission is to facilitate German genealogy research globally as the internationally recognized federation of German genealogy organizations.
  1. We seek partner relationships with and support societies whose purpose includes a major focus on German genealogy research. 
  1. We seek relationships with and support affiliate organizations whose purpose coincides with the goals of our societies. 
  1. We sponsor, support, and encourage German genealogy research conferences, meetings, and publications in Germany and throughout the world.
  1. We foster and nurture personal connections between fellow researchers as well as local and international connections for friends and colleagues who desire to advance the genealogy research interests of the worldwide community of German genealogists.


The creation of the International German Genealogy Partnership grew from a desire to make a connection between societies in the United States and German speaking areas.  A few conversations in 2014 brought about the current Partnership that includes over 100 organizations and thousands of members.