Ahnenforscher Stammtisch Unna

Type: Non-profit
Our purpose is to provide a venue for interested genealogists to informally meet to share experiences and learn from one another.
Contact Information:
Ahnenforscher Stammtisch 
c/o Familie Myers-Palmüller
Flözweg 9
59174 Kamen
  • Phone Number: 011-49-2307-236-978
  • Fax Number: (none)
  • Auf Deutsche or English Contacts? German or English
We do not collect membership dues – all events are normally free to attend.
Membership Benefits:
We offer our members both informal social get-togethers, as well as interesting and practice-oriented genealogical lectures and workshops.
Events:  Calendar
We meet every first Thursday of the month at 5 p.m. in the “Landhaus Massener Heide” in Unna, Germany.  If the first Thursday is a public holiday, we meet on the second Thursday of the month.
Research (or Focus) Areas:
 Our members’ research focus is very diversified regionally.  Many of our members also focus on research in Westfalen and the Ruhr Valley.
Research Services:
We are glad to provide tips and suggestions for research.  Enquiries are read as part of our regular monthly meetings and entrusted to members who volunteer to respond to the enquiry.
Library (or other resources):
We do not maintain our own library, but work with genealogical archives in our region.
Currently we do not operate a store or publish a journal.