International German Genealogy Partnership
2017 Conference Volunteer Opportunities
International Germanic Genealogy Conference – July 28-30, 2017
Would you like to volunteer before and/or during the Conference?  There are many volunteer opportunities for the conference and we encourage you to consider helping to make the conference run more smoothly.
Many of the volunteer options are listed below and you can check one that fits you best. Use the Notes area when you register to give more details about your volunteer interests or email your choices to
Thank you! Vielen Dank!
Name  ____________________________________________________     Phone  ___________________
Email  ____________________________________________________
Please check where you would be willing to help IGGP prepare for the International Germanic Genealogy Conference – July 28-30, 2017:
____  Venue/Food
____  Speaker
____  Vendors
____  Sponsors
____  Syllabus
____  Partnership Committee
____  Pre-conference – to be assigned
____  Hospitality
____  Publicity
____  Registration
____  Technology
____  Translation
____  Website
____  Volunteers
            _____Help contact and find other
____  On site (to be  assigned)
_____ German Language and script room
_____ Research room
_____ Registration Table
_____ Room Monitor and Host
_____ Meal Ticket Taker
_____ other onsite (to be assigned)