International German Genealogy Partnership

Speakers & Presentations

As of now, #IGGC2023 has speakers, who do not usually present in the US, from:
  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Brazil
  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • Serbia
  • Switzerland
These presenters are only available at the 2023 IGGP Conference in Fort Wayne, Indiana. And, of course, US experts in the field of German genealogy will be in person as well. Here are just a few of the experts that will be live, in-person, at #IGGC2023:
  • The Man Behind Matricula, Dr. Thomas Aigner
  • The Archivist of the Bremen Archive, seat of Die Maus, Viktor Pordzik
  • Andrea Bentschneider covering Mecklenburg
  • Dr. Michael Lacopo with New Presentations about WW II SS Records
  • Antje Petty of the Max Kade Institute presenting Hidden Resources in German Language Newspapers
  • German Script Workshops, held on site, by Kathy Schober
This is just to mention a few. Over 80+ speakers will present new information, in person and/or virtually, and on demand. Keep checking here for the latest. Send questions to and we'll reply quickly.

Other #IGGC2023 Expert Speakers:
  • Sabine Akabayov: Tracing your German Jewish Ancestors
  • Jim Beidler: Best Tips for Researching German Ancestors!
  • Gail Blankenau: Power Combination: Using Farm Histories Alongside Church Records
  • Marcel Elias: Whose Child is it Anyway
  • Joe Everett: German Immigrants in American Church Records
  • Roland Geiger: German notarial contracts from 19th and early 20th centuries as a source for family research
  • Ken Heger: Using Pension Bureau Administrative Files for Family Research
  • Daniel Horowitz: The Family History of German Food Brands
  • Teresa McMillin: In They Came: Using U.S. Immigration Records
  • Milan Pohontsch: German Marriage Records