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Call for Proposals (English)

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Fort Wayne, Indiana, U.S.A.  9 - 11 June 2023  Hybrid Conference
Call for Proposals: 15 September15 October 2022
The International German Genealogy Partnership’s Conference has become the largest in the world devoted exclusively to German genealogy. Nearly one thousand people are expected to attend the 2023 hybrid conference in Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA, a center of German-American heritage since mass immigration began in the 1830s. Genealogists dedicated to serious research will come to the International German Genealogy Conference from around the world to attend eighty sessions on German genealogy, sharpen their skills, and interact with other researchers.
Potential presenters with specialized knowledge, skills, or techniques are invited to submit proposals between 15 September and 15 October 2022. All sessions must address German genealogy topics. IGGP will provide a receptive audience, professional support, and competitive compensation.
Proposals may be submitted for in-person and virtual presentations, both in German and English.  We especially encourage proposals for new and unique topics.
Anticipated Tracks
  • German genealogy toolbox: Overview of German research methods; understanding content of church and civil records; finding birthplaces; correct place names, jurisdictions, and parishes; boundary changes; reading script; translation tools; useful vocabulary.
  • German research outside the box: Verifying identity; same-name conundrum; spelling changes in names; problem analysis; German newspapers, periodicals, indexes, Orstssippenbücher, military and emigration records; seldom-used record sets; online and onsite library and archival research.
  • Researching across the German diaspora: Research in individual German-speaking regions or countries; resources in Austria, Switzerland; researching Germans worldwide beyond present-day German/Austrian/Swiss borders; ethnic Germans outside of Germany.
  • History and culture: Naming practices; treatment of illegitimacy in records; development of churches; using cultural areas in research; eighteenth century emigration; status and occupations; social history; history and records of regions.
  • Connecting the links: Finding living cousins; getting help from societies and researchers in German areas; chain migration; collateral research; social media; using DNA as a tool for German connections.
  • German-language Presentations: How to research your German emigrant; basic US research methods; understanding the US Census; using passenger lists; researching in the United States, Australia, Brazil, etc.
Proposals and Selection
Individuals and co-presenters may submit up to five presentation proposals for consideration. Proposals are invited for 60-minute presentations.
While most attendees speak English, IGGP welcomes proposals for sessions presented in the German language.
Presenters will be selected by the IGGP 2023 Selection Committee, with approval from the 2023 Conference Executive Committee, and notified in early December 2022. The Presenter Acceptance Agreement will be sent with selection notification.
Selected presenters will:
  • provide a detailed, high-quality, camera-ready syllabus,
  • provide a high-quality electronic presentation,
  • provide assistance in promoting the IGGP Conference,
  • provide a recording of their presentation or work with IGGP to create one, and
  • be encouraged to participate in a 60-minute virtual Q&A specific to their presentation.
IGGP will provide projectors for PowerPoint/Keynote presentations, required cabling connections per Presenter Acceptance Agreement, cart or table, power strip, lectern, and microphone. Tech support will be available.
Presenter Compensation  
Honorariums for individual in-person and virtual presenters
  • $250 per presentation
Travel for individual in-person presenters
  • Travel by air: maximum of $150.00 per session, for flight only, up to but not exceeding lowest coach airfare
  • International presenter travel considered on a case-by-case basis
  • Travel by car for presenters residing more than 30 miles from convention center:  65 cents per mile, not to exceed the lowest airfare available to and from the same location
  • No travel by car reimbursed for presenters residing within 30 miles of the convention center
  • No payment for car rental or ground transportation to or from any airport
Hotel for individual in-person presenters
  • One night per presentation with a three-night cap, for presenters residing more than 30 miles from the convention center
  • No hotel expense compensation for presenters living within 30 miles of convention center
  • No payment for any expenses charged to hotel room 
Expense allowance for in-person individual presenters: $30.00 for each day a presentation is made
Conference registration for individual in-person and virtual presenters
  • In-person individual and co-presenters receive complimentary full in-person conference registration, including digital syllabus 
  • Virtual individual and co-presenters receive complimentary full virtual conference registration, including digital syllabus 
Co-presenters: Co-presenters split honorarium, travel, hotel, and expense allowance
Ticketed events: Admission to ticketed events, if available, may be purchased by the presenters
Organizations, businesses, and genealogical societies are encouraged to sponsor presentations and events. For information, contact the Sponsor Team at:
Submission Portal
Use the submission portal on the IGGP conference site or the links below to submit proposals for presentations. To use the submission portal, go to the website and click on the Conference 2023 tab. The portal will be open beginning 15 September 2022. The deadline for submissions is 11:59 pm EDT on 15 October 2022. The following items are required:
  • presentation title (12-word limit)
  • presentation description as you would like it to appear in conference publications (30-word limit)
  • detailed proposal description of the presentation for selection committee use (300-word limit)
  • speaker biography (50-word limit)
  • speaker photograph (minimum 300 dpi)
IGGP Conference 2023 Presentation Submission Form in German:    
IGGP Conference 2023 Presentation Submission Form in English:
For submission assistance or questions, contact