Registering online is quick, easy
and your reservation is immediately confirmed.
You can provide payment using PayPal (credit card, etc.) or by mailing a check.
For questions or more information, see the FAQ page.
Under the Conference 2019 menu, select:
​​1. Get Ready to Register to view an introduction to the conference schedule. (recommended)
2. Prelim Schedule + Videos to view, print or download the preliminary schedule. (recommended)
3. REGISTER NOW to display the online registration form. Use of the online form is depicted below.
Fill out
and save 
registration form
2019 IGGC online form
Only the upper part of form is displayed.
  • Provide your contact information, select purchases and indicate the classes you plan to attend.
  • You can later add selections to your saved registration online.
  • You can also ask the Help Desk to make updates and corrections.
Review your
and select
payment method
2019 IGGC confirmation screen
  • Review your registration. If necessary, use your browser's back button to return to the form to make changes.
  • Finally, press one of the payment buttons at the bottom of the screen. After doing so, your registration is saved. But it is subject to cancellation if payment is not received within 10 days.
Mail a check:
Confirm & Pay with Check button
Use PayPal:
Confirm & Pay with PayPal button
Confirmation screen for mail-check payment option
  • Press the "Print Confirmation" link to display your registration receipt. Print and/or save a copy for your records.
  • Select Display Check Payment Form from the menu to print a blank form.*
  • Mail your check, payable to SGGS, with a filled-out check voucher to:
2019 IGGC
11230 Gold Express Dr. #310-415
Gold River, CA 95670-4484
* If you are using a bill-pay service and thus unable to include the check voucher form, then please write the registration confirmation number from your receipt in check's memo field.
Confirmation screen for pay with credit card option
  • Press the "Print Confirmation" link to display your registration receipt. Print and/or save a copy for your records.
  • Then press the yellow "Buy Now" button which sends you to the PayPal system for payment processing.
Initial PayPal screen
Screen is as displayed in the U.S. May be different in other countries.
  • If using a credit card or a PayPal-compatible debit card, press the gray "Pay with Debit or Credit Card" button to continue. You do not have to log into PayPal.
  • Non U.S. residents may be presented with different options by PayPal.
  • If you provide a valid email address to PayPal, you will receive an emailed payment receipt.
  • If your payment card is rejected, you can instead mail in a check or contact the Help Desk for additional options.