Research Documents and Books accessible

Research Documents and Books accessible by the Hamilton County (Ohio) Genealogical Society and it’s German Interest Group
Der Deutsche Pionier - published monthly 1869 to 1885 and quarterly from 1885 to 1887 and annually 1888 to 1938
Complete membership index (about 5000 people) in the Deutsche Pioneer Verein (German Pioneer Society) of Cincinnati most listing immigration date, port of arrival and German hometown from 1868 to the 1950s
Der Deutsche Pionier Verein photo album of 475 members - by Franz D. Rattermann
Index of deaths from newspaper Cincinnati Volksfreund 1850-1908 (mostly Roman Catholic)
Index of deaths from newspaper Cincinnati Volksblatt 1840-1918 (mostly Protestant)
Index of deaths from newspaper Cincinnati Freie Presse 1874-1920
Index of death lists from newspaper Cincinnatier Zeitung 1887-1901
Index of deaths, births, marriages and several other notices from German Methodist newspaper Christliche Apologete 1839-1899 (covers Ohio and several other states)
Index of deaths from Hamilton County, OH Church records 1811 to 1899
Index of marriages from Hamilton County, OH Church and Courthouse marriages 1808 to 1899
Index of baptisms from Hamilton County, OH Church records to 1899 (not for Catholics)
City of Cincinnati death records 1865 to 1912
Cincinnati Sonst und Jetzt (Cincinnati Now & Then) - by Armin Tenner
Index of Lesser Known German Resources (in Cincinnati) - by Jeffrey G. Herbert and others
Several books including many Catholic and Protestant German cemeteries
A Guide to Genealogical Resources in Cincinnati & Hamilton County, Ohio, 7th edition (a guide to most records in Hamilton County, Ohio) Includes a chart of the Lutheran and German Evangelical churches in Cincinnati and their ministers from 1810 to 1992 and a list of all German Catholic churches from 1834 to 1921
Noteworthy Research facilities and Archives in Hamilton County, OH
Public Library of Cincinnati & Hamilton County, OH, Genealogy and Local History Department, 3rd floor, 800 Vine Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202-2071 (one of the largest genealogical departments in the U.S.A. with many German-related books and resources) 513-369-6905 (A large collection of German Protestant church records on microfilm, also available from LDS)
Cincinnati Historical Society Library, 1301 Western Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45203 513-287-7030 (founded in 1831)
American Jewish Archives, Hebrew Union College, 3101 Clifton Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45220 513-331-1875 (write for genealogical resources)
LDS Family History Center, Cincinnati Stake, 5505 Bosworth Place, Norwood, OH 45212 513-531-5624 (large collection of German church records from German villages on microfilm on indefinite loan from LDS)
Kenny Burck 513-260-0238